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General College Information

If you have specific questions about Tri County Technical College (TCTC), Mr. Donald White who works for TCTC is here each Tuesday.  You can set up an appointment to speak to him by e-mailing him at

Spartanburg Methodist CollegeThis is the only 2 year residential college in SC, and if you have a 3.0 GPA, you are eligible for the LIFE Scholarship to cover all the cost minus housing expense.  This is a good option for students who wish to begin at a 2-year school but also wish to be involved in campus life (athletics, etc.) while attending college.

Military:  If you have an interest or questions about military as an option after high school, there are so many possibilities.  Check with your school counseling office about contact information for recruiters.  Many young people begin careers in the military and many also get financial assistance while attending college.  Also, if you are a strong student with good character, you may want to consider a military academy.  Check out the following websites or contact Derek Merkler for more information at 515.491.8850.

 Engineering Degrees in South Carolina

·         Claflin University (software)

·         Clemson University (agricultural, biomedical, ceramic, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical)

·         South Carolina State University (nuclear; engineering technology degree in civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical)

·         The Citadel (civil, electrical, mechanical)

·         University of South Carolina-Columbia (biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical)

·         Francis Marion University  (industrial)

3-2 Programs for Engineering – 3 years at first college, then 2 years at the listed engineering college.

·         Coastal Carolina – with Clemson

·         College of Charleston – with Case Western Reserve University (OH), Clemson, USC, and Marine Engineering with University of Michigan

·         Furman – with Auburn (AL), Clemson, Georgia Tech, NC State, and Washington University in St. Louis

·         Lander – with Clemson

·         North Greenville University – with Clemson

·         Presbyterian College – with Auburn, Clemson, Vanderbilt (TN), USC, GA Tech

·         Wofford College – with Clemson and Columbia University (NY)

Engineering Technology Degree Program

·         USC Upstate in Industrial Management


Early Decision and Early Action:

If you are very, very certain that there is one college that is perfect for you and you want to show that commitment to the school in the hope of being seen in a more favorable light away from the glare of the hordes of later applicants, you can apply for early decision or early action. Many colleges have early decision programs, while early action programs are slowly gaining in acceptance.

Early Decision - Binding
Applicants face much earlier deadlines for submitting early decision college applications, usually by November of your senior year. The good news is you’ll usually know the college’s answer a month later in December. Some colleges have also started a secondary early decision process, where you learn your fate in February instead of December, still much earlier than when regular admission decisions are announced in late March.

Early decision applications are binding agreements between the applicant and the college that basically state that, if accepted, the student agrees to attend the college. While you are still permitted to submit applications to other colleges before the decision, once you’ve been accepted through early decision, you are asked to withdraw all your other college applications. Thus, early decision is a great idea for students certain of their college choice.

Early Action – not binding
An interesting twist to early decision, and much less binding, is early action. Similar to early decision, the applicant learns his or her fate early in the admission process, usually a few months after submitting an application.

The biggest advantage to early action is that you know your fate sooner. You are still allowed to apply to other schools and compare financial offers and other criteria before making a decision. 

Particular Majors at Colleges:

·  Presbyterian College now has a school of pharmacy. 

  • If you are interested in a career in Forestry, the sawmill industry, or Fishing and Wildlife, you may want to check out Haywood Community College near Asheville, NC.  They have several two-year programs available.  They are also offering entrepreneurial programs for those of you interested in starting your own business.  You can call 828-627-4500 or visit the website at
  • Piedmont Technical College offers certificate and 2 year programs in:  Cardiovascular Technology, Professional Clay, Funeral Services, and Veterinary Technology.
  • Have you ever thought about a career with Disney?  If you are interested in animation and/or graphic arts, you need to check out the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, NC.  There are only 400 students and no SAT requirement.  You can call Wayne Mosley at 1-800-288-7442 or visit the website at
  • The NC School of the Arts offers programs in stage production, costuming, stage make-up, dance, etc.
  • Greenville Tech now offers a program to assist a student in becoming a NASCAR technician.
  • Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC, offers majors in Marine Science, Exercise & Sport Science, National Security and Intelligence.  They now have ROTC.
  • Johnson & Wales in Charlotte offers 4 year programs in Business, Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Technology.  Culinary Arts is available in a 2 year program.
  • The School of Building Arts in Charleston offers programs in masonry, carpentry, architectural stones, etc.  These are 4 year programs.  Visit
  • Converse College offers art therapy, music therapy, interior design, deaf & hard of hearing education and American Sign Language.
  • Coker College in Hartsville offers majors in dance, art, criminology and social work.
  • Lander University in Greenwood, SC, offers majors in Athletic Training, nursing, Equestrian Studies, and there are co-op programs in Engineering with Clemson University.  They also have a great nursing program.
  • Southern Wesleyan University now offers Pre-Law, Pre-Med, and a major in Forensic Science, as well as Criminal Justice.
  • Trident Technical College in Charleston offers a program in Culinary Arts.
  • Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC offers majors in criminal justice, nursing, education, forensic science and TV Production.  Visit
  • Interested in becoming a chiropractor?  Check out
  • Limestone College now offers a major in Athletic Training.  Call 1-800-795-7151 for more information.
  • If you have ever thought of a career in the horse industry, visit or e-mail for more information.
  • North Greenville University also has an equestrian center and a major in animal science.·        
  • If you are interested in becoming an animator, web designer, recording engineer, computer game designer, film director, or anything related to sound, lighting or production, call 1-800-226-7625.  Check out the website for Fullsail:·         
  • The University of the Arts in Philadelphia offers degrees in acting, photography, and many other arts programs.  If you are interested, please call 215-717-6030 or 1-800-616-ARTS.  You may apply online at·         
  • NC School of Communication Arts offers many programs in filmmaking, graphics, animation, audio, photography, interior design, etc.  For more information, call 866-458-8185. 
  • Want to be a photographer?  The Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts may be of interest to you.  Call 413-863-2478 or visit for information.  Coker College in Hartsville also offers this major.       
  •   There is a Myrtle Beach branch of the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics.  This is a school of aviation maintenance and electronics.  If interested, visit