HCC Attendance Policy

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School attendance and success in school are directly related.  When you miss school, learning and grades suffer.  One of the best predictors of post-school success in business/industry/college is  good attendance while in high school.  Because our main goal is to prepare  students for success after high school, we will hold them accountable for their attendance.

Considering these factors, the administration of the Hamilton Career Center (with the support of the School District of Oconee County) has adopted the following attendance standards:


  • No attendance retrieval sessions will be held.

  • FA (Failure due to Attendance) still exists.

Quarter classes - may not miss more than 3 days

Semester classes - may not miss more than 6 days

Yearlong classes - may not miss more than 12 days

  • Absences that do not count against student attendance:  absences with a doctor’s excuse, bereavement (3 days), college visits, field trip/school activity, legal/court appearances, ISS, OSS, principal approval, or on-site services (testing).

  • Even though documentation is required for all absences, a note from a parent/guardian  is not considered a medical excuse and will count against the student’s attendance.

  • All documentation/excuses must be received by the Attendance Office within 3 days of the student returning to school.


  • After a student has missed the allowed number of days in his/her class, the parent will be contacted by their preferred method, phone or email (CIRCLE ONE), by the classroom teacher.  

  • If the student misses an additional day, a letter will be sent by the school informing the parent that the student will be required to meet with the school’s Attendance Review Committee.  At this time, the student will be in danger of receiving an FA for the class.

  • The Attendance Review Committee will review each student on a case-by-case basis. As the committee deliberates the following will be taken into consideration:

  • Grade in class

  • Attendance history

  • Effort in class

  • Reasons for absences

  • Commitment to improve

  • Special circumstances

Please sign and return this form to the student’s teacher at HCC

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