About Us

We envision and believe in a school:
  • where monetary resources are being applied to progressive, innovative programs that enhance technology. 
  • where students will be provided the resources which allow them to achieve their maximum potential. 
  • with greater community/business cooperation with apprenticeships and school-to-work programs. 
  • where we can expand programs to meet the needs of the academically disadvantaged to enhance their future employability. 
  • where all individuals strive to achieve their maximum potential. 
  • where all individuals are respected.
    We envision and believe that all students:
    • are responsible; are ethical; and come from a well-nurtured home. 
    • become involved in and care about their community. 
    • are physically and emotionally ready to learn. 
    • will have access to on-line computer services. 
    • graduate as program completers. 
    • participate in leadership events. 
    • attend school 180 days a year. 
    • have a strong desire to learn. 
    • are well behaved. 
    • have knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success